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Dedication and Service
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Dedication and Service masterfully tells the story of Genesee Fire Rescue, a remarkable volunteer company located in the foothills west of Denver.

Through perpetual training, outstanding leadership, and steadfast devotion to community service, the Genesee fire force has earned its place among the top volunteer departments in the state.

This book is an inspiring testament to the enduring spirit of American volunteerism, a beacon that continues to shine in towns and cities nationwide, often with little fanfare.

For half a century, the men and women of Genesee Fire Rescue have confronted perilous situations, combating wildfires, extinguishing home and commercial blazes, aiding and evacuating residents who become ill, and attending some of the worst imaginable motor vehicle accidents, all while placing themselves in life-threatening situations.

For their efforts, the volunteers have won the immeasurable gratitude of those they serve and the priceless satisfaction of knowing that what they give of themselves genuinely matters.

Dedication and Service is a poignant celebration of the heroes next door, those ordinary yet extraordinary individuals who show up for neighbors and strangers in their times of need.

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